Abbi Algozino




Hi There.

I'm Abbi, a self-proclaimed Midwestern nomad. I was born in Chicago and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. Though I've been lucky enough to travel, I have yet to satisfy my ever-growing craving for wanderlust. My studies during college included fine arts, environmental science and philosophy. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois in May, 2017.  Outside of graphic design, I enjoy painting otherworldly-colored creatures with acrylics, taking black and white candids of strangers with my film camera and of course spending time outdoors and exploring new cities.

I've always been drawn to the expressive and fresh look of Pop Art and have specifically been influenced by the famed Andy Warhol. I also have an appreciation for Art Nouveau, particularly the meticulously elegant linework laid down by Aubrey Beardsley. I've especially found a great deal of inspiration in the works of street artist Shepard Fairey. I admire his aesthetic, accessibility, the powerful messages woven into his works and the capacity they have to evoke emotion.

Since I was little I've had a desire to express and create as well as help to resolve environmental issues. I understand the need for culture and diversity in our society and recognize the importance of travel, expanding our horizons and exhibiting general understanding toward one another. I'm fond of snowy winters, comedies, classic rock and country, accents, the company of others, fun names and nicknames, trying out tasty recipes and engaging in existential and otherwise intense conversations about life.