Abbi Algozino

Two Flamingos

I created this piece just for fun and later submitted a version to AIGA Chicago's This Is Chicago: Summer Gathering! under the Passion Project category. 

I have always found skeletons to have captivating and hauntingly beautiful intricacies. I wanted to challenge myself to create a cheerful design from something often considered eerie or dark. 

I vectorized an image of a Flamingo skeleton that I took in August of 2016 while visiting the Charleston Museum and outlined the boney shapes to slightly abstract the image. I also found that the doodle-like appearance complements the overall mood of the piece.

I duplicated the flamingos and arranged them so their necks would hint at the shape of a heart and finally selected bright, bubblegum colors and added a band to cause asymmetry and lead the viewer's eye across the composition. 

June 2017
Various Sizes